American Indian Art: Buying At An Online Auction

20 June 2023
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Welcome to the captivating world of online American Indian art auctions, where the rich heritage and artistic expressions of indigenous cultures are showcased and celebrated. This virtual platform offers a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts and collectors to explore and acquire extraordinary pieces that encapsulate the beauty, history, and spirituality of Native American art. The online American Indian art auction brings together a curated collection of exquisite artworks, including paintings, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, textiles, and more. Read More 

Three Ways To Cover A Wedding Ring Tattoo

10 February 2023
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Some people decide to get a tattoo on their ring finger instead of wearing a wedding ring. The premise for this idea is often to show that you're highly committed to your partner. Unfortunately, some marriages in which both parties have wedding ring tattoos end—leaving you looking for a way to keep your ink out of sight. While some individuals favor wearing an actual ring to conceal the tattoo, a different idea is to visit a local tattoo studio to have an artist cover up your ink. Read More