Three Ways To Cover A Wedding Ring Tattoo

10 February 2023
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Some people decide to get a tattoo on their ring finger instead of wearing a wedding ring. The premise for this idea is often to show that you're highly committed to your partner. Unfortunately, some marriages in which both parties have wedding ring tattoos end—leaving you looking for a way to keep your ink out of sight. While some individuals favor wearing an actual ring to conceal the tattoo, a different idea is to visit a local tattoo studio to have an artist cover up your ink. Here are three creative ways to turn a wedding ring tattoo into another design. 


Some people may like the idea of a tiny band of flowers or perhaps even one larger flower being tattooed over their wedding ring tattoo. Depending on the size and shape of the existing ink, it's often easy for your artist to sketch up a design that will completely cover the ring. Think about the flowers that mean the most to you. If you have a tattoo elsewhere on your body that features a flower, you might even want to choose the same type of flower for this new piece.


Tattoo artists are skilled at creating animal tattoos of all sizes, so think about whether this idea might work to cover up your wedding ring tattoo. A cartoonish image or a silhouette of a cat or dog's face could easily cover the upper part of your existing tattoo, and your artist could add shadowing or other elements to conceal the rest of it. For someone who loves reptiles, a snake wrapped around the finger is an idea to consider. If you don't want an image of an actual animal, consider an animal-related design such as dog paw prints around your finger.

Nature Scene

A scene from nature is another design that can work well to cover up your wedding ring tattoo. This concept can especially be poignant if you feel a connection with nature—perhaps because you're an avid hiker or camper, for example. There are many different design ideas to discuss with your tattoo artist. An outline of several pine trees, depicting a forest scene, might appeal to you. If you live near the mountains, a mountain peak could be a look that you enjoy. These scenes often feel calming to look at, which can be a source of peace and joy in the challenging months that follow the end of your marriage.

Contact a local tattoo shop to learn more about tattoo cover ups.