3 Custom Laser-Engraved Product Ideas For Poets

18 October 2022
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If you have a poet in your life, you may want to celebrate their writing and creative process with a special gift. Poetry in itself is unique and special and you can choose a gift that matches those same qualities. When you order a product from a laser wood engraving company, you have the opportunity to choose custom products with unique details and designs. 

Check out some of the custom-designed options and how you can cater those designs to poets in your life.

1. Journals

If the poet in your life loves to handwrite their poems, then consider the purchase of a custom journal. A laser-engraved journal features blank pages on the inside and a custom cover on the outside filled with intricate details. The laser cover could feature the person's name or a design that reflects a subject in their poetry.

For example, if a person loves to write poems about nature, then a custom cover could include their favorite plant or flower. The highly detailed and accurate laser engraving can create all kinds of objects and designs. Other options include animals or locations.

2. Wooden Pens

Provide a special way for someone to write with a laser-engraved wooden pen. Choose a color and type of wood for the pen. The lasers can easily write on the small surface. You could customize the pens with someone's name or add a special message to the pen. For example, if the person had their poetry published for the first time, then you could acknowledge the achievement with the pen. The laser-engraved text could list the publication and the year. The pen could become a nice display piece that represents their accomplishments in writing.

You could also purchase a set of pens all with the same custom design so the person has plenty to write with and always has a custom pen to use.

3. Poem Plaque

Use a person's poem to create a unique display piece that showcases some of their best work. Choose a poem they have shared with you or they have stated as one of their favorites. Select a poem that has special meaning to you. Or you could select a poem that involves the holidays and create a special plaque to put up as a holiday decoration.

Along with a custom font and style, you have the opportunity to add other elements to the poem. For example, you could select a laser-engraved picture to go alongside the poem. The special gift will turn their poems into a physical object that they can cherish for years to come.

Contact a local laser wood engraving company to learn more.