Framing Your Fine Art In Custom Frames To Emphasize The Work

8 November 2021
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Fine art can come in many forms, and painting or photographic images often need a frame to support, protect, and highlight the work in a way that does not detract from the art. Finding a frame for these kinds of artwork can be challenging, but working with a shop that installs custom picture frames is an excellent place to start your search.

Finding The Right Frame

The first thing you need when framing a photograph or other artwork is to find the perfect frame. Finding one that works with the picture or painting is essential, and some custom picture frames are available with designs and colors that can benefit the art. In contrast, other frames can take away from the art and be distracting. 

A custom picture framing shop can help you find the right frame or create one that will highlight your art in a way that blends with the picture while drawing the viewer into the image, not the frame. Often, a specific color or material type will accent the artwork to make it stand out and draw attention to the piece without overpowering the art. Still, it can be a delicate balance between the two. 

Installing The Frame

When you are framing a piece of artwork from your wall, it is vital that you use durable frames that will help protect the frame. The canvas or print also needs to fit correctly in order to ensure there is no damage to the art during the framing process. 

A professional framer can mount the art for you, and custom picture framing services can adjust the frame if needed or make one for your specific artwork. For photographic prints, the picture framer will help you choose a mat for the image and may suggest a particular color or style of mat that will create a field around the image that effectively draws the viewer to the subject matter. 

Some custom frames have glass in them to protect the artwork, but often, paintings are framed without glass to allow the viewer to see the textures on the canvas when viewing the image up close. Talk with the framer at the custom picture frame service in your area about the art you want to frame if you need some help. They can be an excellent resource as you navigate the process of getting your fine art into a frame and on the wall for people to enjoy. 

Hanging Your Newly Framed Artwork

When you get your artwork back from the framer, you need to find a way to hang the art securely. You can talk to the custom picture framing service about the best hangers for your art, or they may have built a unique hanger into the frame for you to use. 

If you are uncomfortable hanging the art yourself, you can have a service come and hang your artwork for you. Some companies specialize in hanging fine art and ensuring that it is safe and secure once in place on your wall. Contact a local custom picture framing service, such as Nainsook Framing & Art, to learn more.