4 Tips For Succeeding At An Online Water Color Painting Course

17 June 2021
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Online video courses have only grown in recent years and people have really expanded their hobbies and forms of entertainment through video tutorials. If you've signed up for an online watercolor painting course, then you want to make the most out of the experience.

Follow four tips to ensure you get the most, expand your skills, and enjoy your time through painting.

1. Stream Through a Television

If you have a smart television, then you can find ways to stream online courses directly through a TV. Chances are, your TV is bigger than a computer monitor and you will have better views when you watch through a TV. You can see more details and have a better angle.

If multiple people are doing the course together, then a TV provides clear views for everyone to easily see.

2. Figure Out Seating Beforehand

Painting often requires a specific posture and positioning to ensure you paint accurately. The seating you have has a lot to with it. If you take a one-hour painting course, then you want to ensure the position you have remains comfortable for an hour. You may want to have a seat with a backrest or find more comfort in standing and using an easel for the canvas.

A little testing and prep will eliminate hassles and help you thrive in the online classes.

3. Lighting Options

Lighting is key for any form of painting. As you plan out your painting project, you want to check out the lighting options. Ideally, you should close any curtains or blinds to block out glares on televisions or computer monitors. You also do not want different light sources to distort your view of the canvas or paint colors.

Try to set up a directed light that shines right on the canvas area and eliminate other forms of light.

4. Repeat Courses

While you may want to move on and enhance your painting skills after a first course, you will find a lot of advantages when you repeat courses online. Some online classes could have an on-demand option so you can watch the same course again. When you go through the same motions and tutorials, you will help master your skills and improve on your original.

A repeat course will help you sustain knowledge easier, and you may also discover small tidbits or pieces of information your missed time around. Spread the courses out over a couple of days to see how much you remember and to help build upon the skills. Once complete, you can compare the different pictures you created.

Use one or more of the tips to get the most out of your watercolor learning experience.