Ordering An Original Pen Drawing

27 February 2020
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Ordering a piece of original artwork for your home or office can be an effective way of decorating these areas. However, there are many different types of art that you will be able to buy for these areas, and there are some considerations that may be able to help guide you through the decisions that this will involve.

Appreciate The Advantages Of Pen Drawings Over Other Types Of Art

When evaluating different potential pieces of art to buy, you may overlook the option of choosing pen drawings of nature scenes. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these pieces of artwork can work with a wide range of different interior design schemes and color palettes. This is especially true if you choose a pen drawing that only utilizes black or dark blue as ink colors. Furthermore, choosing a landscape, such as a pen drawing of a forest, can also help with allowing the drawing to work with the widest range of interior design schemes. Lastly, this may also be the most appealing to the most people, which can be important when choosing decorations for an area of your home or business.

Keep The Drawing Out Of Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can be extremely damaging to most types of artwork due to the sun altering the pigments, which can degrade or entirely change the colors in the artwork. When you are choosing a location for the pen drawing, you should generally strive to avoid placing it in an area where strong sunlight coming from windows can shine directly on the drawing. In addition to degrading the ink that was used in the drawing, some papers will also yellow in response to ultraviolet light, which can further alter the appearance of the image.

Understand The Type Of Mounting Used For The Drawing

Most drawings will be done on high-quality artist paper that can better absorb and retain the ink from the pen. However, there can be considerable differences in what the artist will do with the artwork when they are shipping it to you. For example, some may roll the drawing and place it in a protective tube. In contrast, others may mount the artwork to a board or other surface to keep it from bending. Knowing what type of mounting you can expect is especially important if you are wanting to frame the artwork. In these cases, you may actually prefer a drawing that has not been mounted as this will make finding a suitable frame much easier as you will not need to account for the spaced needed by the backing.

For more information about art such as pen drawings of the forest for sale, contact an art shop.